For every big, dark & scary thunderstorm cloud, there is a silver lining.

You may have to look harder to see it & understand it.

But it is there, a lesson, to help you learn & grow.
After the storm, there is always sunshine, blue skies & rainbows.

A chance to enjoy your new growth & wisdom.

Written by Louise Marie Otter

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I believe the difficult times in our lives are the thunderstorm clouds, thunder & lightening. They are the challenges & life lessons we need to experience & learn the skills & lessons they bring. The storms with appear with different strengths, duration & intensity depending on the type of experience, skills & lessons they hold. 

The silver linings are the skills we have learned & the physical, mental & emotional growth we have achieved during the storm.

The storms will come with different strengths, durations & intensity throughout our lives. These are a positive occurrence in life as they enable us to grow & evolve as a person & soul.

They change our direction & bring us back into line with our life purpose & soul contract. They remove people from our lives that are no longer serving our highest good. Or because the life lessons they came to help us with or that we helped them with have been completed. They also, bring new people into our lives, for us all to achieve new life lessons, experiences & challenges. The storms provide us with new skills, experiences, the ability to empathise with & support each other later in our life journey. 

We should embrace the storms & the experiences they bring because they are never last forever. They are a short chapter in our lives that will always bring a positive outcome, even if it takes a while to see & understand why they came. 

If life was always rosy & calm, we would not develop & grow to our highest good. Life needs the rain to support life. Without it there would be no life as we know it. 



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