I have always had an awareness of spirit from a young age and this developed and grew over time. I started to study, attend development circles and attend workshops from the age of 22. This is when I connected with others who also had the same belief and gifts as myself. It was then I found my souls purpose, to connect with spirit and help other people like you.

Another light ignited within me when I gained my first and second degree Reiki Practitioner qualifications in 2006 this opened the door to study other areas of the holistic and alternative therapies world. Which means I can offer you a complete package of wellness, both physically and spiritually.

I was blessed with the priceless gift of becoming a mother in December of 2006 when I had my son Alfie Jack. This journey was one of the most challenging for me because my son was born with a very rare degenerative genetic disorder named Krabbe Leukodystrophy. This meant I lived within the Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital for most of Alfie's life until sadly he left his earth body. We was also supported by Rainbow's Children's and Young Person's Hospice. This was for me one of the hardest chapters in my life but at the same time the most blessed, as this is how Soul River came to be.

I live in the Portsmouth area with my amazing partner Mark and Ollie, Molly and Angel our beloved cats . I feel like I have come home being near the sea. Moving here has enabled me to bring life into Soul River.

My aim is to help as many people as I can with my work through my mediumship, holistic training and through being a positive wellbeing and mental health advocate. I believe everything happens for a reason. I know we need to invest in self-care, self-love and always see the silver lining to every thunderstorm cloud. I hope that I am an inspiration to you and others.

I want to help you in whatever way you need to improve and enhance your life, because you deserve to be supported.

Hugs Louise xxx